e-merge walks

This is an experimental site - please be patient while the audio downloads initially.
Then click the 'PLAY' window to watch the film.

 To move through the selection of walks either use the 'next' and 'previous' buttons;
or to jump directly to a particular walk enter the number of the walk
in the box and click the 'go' button.

[There are only 3 audios used in the walks - once downloaded, the subsequent walks should play without further download.]


Mac Users: Known Bug: Please wait for audio to download fully before scrolling to another walk.

Do let us know what you think. If you're not sure which is your walk, or would like to be informed of future e-merge events, contact Jackie.

And please report any problems or successes to aid project development, thankyou!


Copyright. Please Note: All audio, visual and site content is copyright of the artists.

Log and replay system designed and built for e-merge by blindfish.

e-merge is lottery funded through Arts Council, Englande-merge is supported by Birds Eye Viewe-merge created by Jackie Calderwoode-merge is supported by the Pervasive Media StudioThanks to the Royal Parks for use of  St James Park map